“After two years plus that I was shot, pellets still coming out” – Angela Okorie recounts her near-death experience with gunmen

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has recounted her near-death experience after two years of an encounter with unknown gunmen.

Angela Okorie gunmen

In a post shared by the actress, she stated that God exchanged his life for hers.

She wrote;

“God exchanged his life for mine can you imagine After 2years plus I was shot some pellets still coming out. All dem bloggers that plotted with them to write me off On social media so people won’t believe that there are evil people in the industry, cos out of envy they did this.

I have put too much in my career and God knows it’s time for me to reap what I have worked for, all of una go soon drink poison for my sake see I will never forgive you all that were paid to do that , dem say rewrite the story make e be like say she and person dey qurel just to accomplish their evil plans , they were waiting to write RIP Next day.

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