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The Top Most Student Part-Time Jobs in Canada


The top most Student Part-Time Jobs in Canada – Several international students work part-time jobs to help pay for their studies while studying abroad. You may question if you can work while studying in Canada as an international student, and the answer is yes (upon government permit or approval).

Some part-time employment merely require you to work some evenings and weekends, while others allow you to completely customize your schedule. Continue reading to learn about five fantastic part-time jobs for international students studying in Canada.

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The very first thing you should know concerning studying overseas, regardless of where you go, is that education costs for international students are more. Some may wonder why they chose to study abroad in the first place. The solution is simple: better education and, most crucially, the chance of becoming a resident of Canada after graduation.

While the Canadian government has little control over the tuition charged by schools and other post-secondary institutes, it can set up programs for overseas graduates who wish to stay in Canada and work after graduating.

As a result, it will be costly. Because the Canadian government recognizes this, overseas students are permitted to work part-time jobs in Canada to continue paying for their education, accommodation, and other living expenses incurred during their education.

10 Fantastic Student Part-Time Jobs


>> Waiting and bartending are the tenth and No. 10  jobs on the list.

You may even have to put up with several unpleasant people, but the majority of Canadians are respectful and nice, as you may have heard. The selling feature of this employment is that in sit-down restaurants, Canadians often pay between 15 and 20% of their bill. If the actual cost for meals and a beverage is $30 each person, and you’re serving a table of four, you may be looking at a $20 tip solely on a single table, on top of your basic wage compensation.

In crowded pubs and clubs, waiters claim to earn over $1000 over three days, with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday being the most popular nights out in Canada.

>> 9. Inspector for the Night

Depending on your major, you might be able to work as a night clerk in a hotel or motel. You’ll be handling paperwork, assisting guests, and performing basic bookkeeping processes, so you’ll need a basic understanding of math, computers, and bookkeeping. You can earn up to $26 per hour and will most likely have plenty of time to study (once your specific job duties have been taking care of)

>> Tutoring No. 8

While appealing to your studies once more, we’ll assist you in earning some more cash on the side. Doesn’t it make sense? Why not just use your skills to educate elementary, middle, and high school seniors in math, chemistry, physics, accounting, or whichever other subject your expertise is? Tutoring in Canada is well compensated, with an average hourly pay of $30 to $60 per person.

>> The Dog Walker No. 7

We’re not joking; there’s a lot of money to be gained in assisting busy owners in giving man’s greatest friend a little exercise every day. Dog walkers typically charge $16 per hour and can handle up to five dogs at once! With the proper clients and the right sized pups, you might earn up to $80 per hour. We bet people will be impressed if you call each dog 5 km and then tell them you walk five 5 miles a day.

>> Worker in a Cafeteria, No. 6

Working at the university cafeteria is one of the more regular part-time jobs for international students. There are other perks, including fair pay ranging from $15 to $25 per hour, food vouchers, and, best of all, no commute time from school to work.

>> Administrative Assistant is No .5

Obtaining an assistant position with a large corporation can be advantageous for two reasons: you can begin developing a resume for your job search when you finish, and if you prove to be a capable worker, the corporation may give you full-time employment after graduation. You’ll be paid roughly $15 an hour, but you’ll be investing in your future as well.

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>> Assisting Teachers is.No. 4

Teachers and lecturers frequently hire teachers assistants, or TAs, to help them with varied busy work throughout the semester. Because applicants are normally expected to have attended the course that they are helping on, you will be eligible to apply for these roles as early as your second year. A TA makes roughly $16 an hour and requires good organizational abilities.

>> The Uber Chauffeur isNo.3

You may  earn up to $25  hourly driving folks from place A to point B if you’re 21 and have a reliable car and a smartphone. Uber is a ride-sharing system that links drivers with passengers in need of transportation. The best part about this second income is that you get to choose your own hours. Mornings, evenings, and weekend hours are the most common travel periods; nevertheless, be careful not to overwork yourself.

>> The  Au Pair/Nanny is No. 2

This might be a perfect profession for teenage woman students, depending on your schedule. You’ll only need to be accessible for a few hours per afternoon, and you’ll be able to earn roughly $15 per hour bringing up children from school, cooking meals for them, or simply amusing them. Au pairs may potentially be qualified to apply residency in Canada.

>> Bartender is No. 1

Coffee is very popular in Canada. Flexible schedules, a thriving work atmosphere, $12 per hour (excluding tips) and free drink! Although the pay isn’t the finest, many coffee shops provide excellent benefits such as tuition assistance.

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