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10 Reasons To Study In Canada


10 Reasons To Study In Canada – If you are thinking of the best country to study in abroad, then we are glad you saw this article as we are going to enlighten you on why you should pick Canada as your top destination and we are sure that you won’t regret your decision of studying in Canada.

As an international student, Canada offers you a lot of opportunities if you study in the country and besides having a Canadian qualification is a plus to your status.

Without much stress, let’s proceed to the reasons you should study in Canada:

  • You get to secure a job after gradation

Studying in Canada is filled with benefits as you can actually get a job after completing your study program in Canada and this is because Canada is looking to fill up labour shortages in the country and so there are a lot of job opportunities and jobs that are in demand in Canada waiting for people to fill these job positions.

You wouldn’t have to wait for a long time to secure job in Canada as many companies in Canada are always looking for fresh graduates that are talented and ready to work.

Even if you don’t have a job offer, you can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) that will allow you to work for any employer in Canada and gain valuable work experience in Canada provided you have completed your university or college program in Canada.

  • You get to study in  some of the top universities of the world

It is important that you know that Canada is home for some of the best universities in the world and some of these universities are ranked in the top hundred universities in the world like the University of Toronto, McGill University and University of British Columbia.


These universities are known for accepting international students from different countries of the world and you get to study some of the best courses in these universities.

These universities have wonderful learning facilities that make teaching and learning interesting and you get to experience student life to its fullest.

You should know that these universities are ranked in as the top three best universities in Canada and graduating from them will mean that you wouldn’t find it difficult to secure a job as many companies in Canada respect graduates from these universities.

  • You could become a permanent resident of Canada

Studying in Canada as an international student gives an opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada after graduation especially if you have been working while studying in Canada. You could apply for permanent resident of Canada through either the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Also, some provinces in Canada have programs that are designed to help international students that have graduated find work in Canada to enable you gain permanent residence in Canada.

  • You get to improve your skill in English and French

If you are not fluent in either of the official languages in Canada which is English or French, studying in Canada will help you brush up your skill in English and French in reading, listening, writing and speaking.

For you to learn these languages, you will have to give it your all and be determined to learn the language and also some of the universities in Canada offers some programs to help you learn these languages like the classes for French and English.

  • You will have a more affordable education

In addition to getting one of the best qualities of education in the world, you will also get this education at a cheaper and affordable cost compared to some other universities in some countries like the United States, UK or Australia.

Some of the institutions in Canada have a relatively low tuition fee which international students can afford and that is why Canada is seen as the top destination for international students.

Some of the universities with affordable tuition fees are:

Cheaper Universities for International StudentsCosts for Undergraduates
Brandon University$5,100-$8,060
Saint Paul University$5,500-$6,500
University of Manitoba$12,600-$14,467
University of Winnipeg$12,200-$15,702
University of Ottawa$14,500-$16,200
Dalhousie University$14,100-$16,508
Mount Royal University$11,100-$12,500
  • It is safe and fun filled

Students will surely love Canada as it is one of the most exciting countries to live in that is why it sees a lot of visitors year-in-year-out. Canada is also one of the safest countries on earth as you wouldn’t have to worry about terrorism or war; it is a very peaceful country.

Canada was ranked number four in the safest countries to live in the world and most of the provinces and cities in Canada are very safe to live in. some of the safest cities to live in Canada are:

  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Gatineau, Quebec
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • St. Catherines, Ontario
  • You could get student scholarships and Bursaries

This should even spur you to make up your mind to study in Canada as getting a scholarship would mean that you won’t pay tuition fees, accommodation and some other expenses as the scholarship will cover everything. So you see why you should make up your mind and apply for a scholarship in Canada.

Some of the scholarships offered in Canada are:

Some Of The Scholarships On Offer In Canada
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program which gives CAD$10,000 to students who enroll in any recognized research university.
Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarships that offer 193 scholarships to undergraduates.
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program from the University of Toronto for 37 exceptional academic students who are key figures in their community
University of Calgary Graduate Studies Award which grants students either a full or partial scholarship of up to CAD$40,000.
The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, this is given to international PhD students and grants students CAD$50,000 over a three year period.
Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award created for those who come from impoverished backgrounds to study at the University of B.C. for up to three years.
Brazil’s Science Without Borders Scholarship which funds 75,000 scholarships each year through private and public funding.
  • Canada has a plan to welcome more international students

This is another reason you should consider studying in Canada as it has planned to welcome more international students to help them start a wonderful career.

It has created a lot of programs to help international students come to Canada to study and one of the most recent is the Student Direct Stream (SDS) which is designed to welcome students from some countries like China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Senegal, Morocco and the Philippines. So if you are from these countries, you are in luck as application for study permit has a processing time of about 20 days.

Canada has a plan of welcoming over 450,000 to the country by 2022 and it is not going to stop there. The countries also has a lot of job opportunities and so as a fresh graduate that is willing and ready to work, you will certainly secure a job in Canada.

  • You get to enjoy summer break

This is the fun part of studying in Canada as you get to enjoy the wonderful summer breaks that is usually around May to August and so you can use this period to visit some of the beautiful places in Canada like beaches, museum, lakes etc.

There are a lot of places in Canada you can go for sightseeing and it promises to be an existing experience and you would also get to enjoy some wonderful delicacies in some of the eateries in Canada especially if you are studying in Montreal.

The fun doesn’t only stop in Canada as you can decide to move outside Canada to have fun and so you will need to get the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or the electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) as this will allow you to travel within and outside Canada.

  • You get to enjoy technological Innovation

You should know that Canada is known as one of the countries with technological innovations and it is now becoming the new Silicon Valley as it has Giant tech firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft etc.

Most of these countries are set up in some of the big cities in Canada and so if you are studying in any of the big cities in Canada, you get to enjoy these technological innovations first-hand.

You will also get to land job opportunities in some of these tech companies after graduation if you studied a tech course. Tech workers and engineers are among the jobs that are in demand in Canada as a lot of provinces are looking to fill up labour shortages in the tech area in a bid to promote economic growth and development of the province.

Tech workers are among the highest paid workers in Canada as they earn competitive salaries

Final Note

From all we have said so far, you must have seen that Canada offers you a lot of opportunities while you are studying and also after you graduate so you see that studying in Canada will be a very great decision you will make as you will be on the right track to taking your career and live to another level.

A Canadian qualification will surely give you an advantage when you are hunting for job whether in or outside Canada and it will also increase your chances of getting permanent residence in Canada.

The best time to start your application to study in Canada is now and so that you can make you dream of having a sound career a reality.


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