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Never get bored on Funnylord, You’ll love our best Jokes 2021! have a great taste of the funniest joke of the day on the net! Complied together by Mr funnylord ☺️. I won’t be arrested for cracking ya ribs 🙄 so try not to laugh so hard, I was just bailed yesterday from Portland Police by Funnylady 😭

Imagine taking your TALL GIRLFRIEND to the zoo, and the GIRAFFE begins to crush on her 🤔

The priest prayed for me and said that I’ll really go far in Life, but he didn’t give me the transport money!

Did you know? We all are infected by HIV… It’s either positive or negative!!!

Oh my crush! Just because I met her at the fuel station, now she saved my contact as FUEL BOY 😟

I really thought that X*XX videos are damn real! Today I tried seducing my mom… Now am homeless

I drink alcohol, they say I’m ALCOHOLIC… Now I drink Fanta, no one is telling me that I’m FANTASTIC

How Different Countries React To An A*ccident SCENE

INDIANS – O.M.G! Call the ambulance! 😭

U.K – Oh! I feel so sad 😭

AMERICANS – Yo check his wallet, he might have some bucks!

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Joke Of The Day

During a job interview – Joke Of The Day 

MANAGER – So what are your qualifications? 

MAN – I have my valid National ID card sir, It took me 2 good years to get!

MANAGER – Oh that’s good!, You have been employed… Security!!! Please come show him the way to his office

Best Jokes

Stupidity is when you looking for ya phone but you just left it in ya pocket! 

Girls are like BLUETOOTH, when you’re near, they stay connected… When you’re far, they search for new devices 😟

The devil that makes you fall asleep during church services is the same devil that keeps you awake at night clubs 

Funniest joke of the day, jokes of the day

Witchcraft is when your girlfriend breaks up with you, becomes a lesbian and snatches your new girlfriend

Short girls always cheat in a relationship, cos they think their BF won’t see them 😩

Dating a committed church girl is cool! Until you’re horny and tell her to OPEN 😋… And she’ll be like “what Bible verse?”

Henry, Charlotte and Captain Man were lost in a forest, for weeks, they lived there. One day they Find a magic lamp, They rub it, and sure enough, here comes a genie!… The genie says; I can only give us 3 wishes, you may have one wish each.

So Henry goes first – “I have been stuck here for too long, I miss my friends, family and my life. I just want to go home”.. Boom! He disappeared

Now Charlotte makes her wish – “I thought I had no hope, I am tired of living here. Bro genie, I want to go home” Boom! She disappeared

Then Caption Man starts crying uncontrollably and he was like “I am already missing Henry & Charlotte”😭. The genie asks, what’s the problem? Caption Man replies – “I wish my friends, Henry and Charlotte were here with me again”

There’s someone seeing your ex right now thinking they’ve found someone special 🤣

Best jokes 2021 – jokes of the day

Please guys, help me pray for my cousin sister, she can’t talk or walk… She was just born yesterday



Dating a jealous woman is stressful. She be like “I saw that girl looking at you. Why did you allow her to see you?”😳

GIRL – boo let’s go to the zoo, BOY – I’m not ready to meet your parents yet

I’m in the exam Hall now😭,,, English people… Please what’s the past tense of sorry?

After series of DNA test we discovered that S*atan is an American man. His real name is D*onald Trump 

Today I donated a watch, an iPhone 11 and $200 to a very poor guy. You can’t know the happiness I felt as I saw him put his gun back in his pocket…

Since the priest gave you a prophecy that your destiny helper will come from a woman, you have already turned a womanizer

Funniest best jokes, Jokes of the day

Some relationships died because the guys stopped calling, I guess our ladies bought their phone to be receiving calls only…

I killed 2 American mosquitoes today, How did I know they were Americans? Because they were flying near my wallet!

My relationship is doing very well, I am planning to open another branch in London and California

You came back from school… your dad is b*eating your mom and your parents were not around, what will you do?

That ugly moments when your girlfriend throws you on the bed trying to be romantic but you hit your head on the bedsheets and d*ied 😂

Apart from the F00l reading this funny joke of the day, who is the other F00l?🙄

Another name for funnylord, house of best jokes 😅 nevermind, just a dry line

Nine month ago a woman was pregnant and gave birth to a F00l reading this funny joke of the day, Wait!🖐️Before you start insulting me back, were you born 9months ago???

I learnt some guys are very successful in life cuz they have more than one Girlfriend praying for them… ME 👉 – I want to be successful in life 😕

Joke of the day | Jokes of the day | Funny joke of the day | Best Jokes | Funny best jokes – Funnylord 😂

My dad told me once, son, keep away from strip clubs or you might see something you shouldn’t. So ofcourse, I went and he was right… *I saw my dad

Doctor – Ma’am, your son has been admitted in this hospital. His ribs are cracked up! MOM – oh what happened to my son?

DOCTOR – he was reading joke of day from funnylord. MOM – can’t believe this! It’s a lie, can I read that also? (Mom has also been admitted 😁)

Best Jokes

He – Theirs a gay in our group | Her – How do you know? | He – His d*ick tastes like a shit

Two hunters are walking besides the woods they come across a large hole.

It’s so deep that they can’t really see the bottom. One Hunter goes looking for something to throw down the hole hoping to check how deep it is

He finds a rusty old anvil near by and throws it Inside the hole, the hole is so deep they never hear it hit the buttom

Just then, they hear speeding hooves behind them and a goat goes flying past them and jumps right inside the hole.

A few seconds later… They hear a famer calling out for his goat. “Hendo! Hendo!”

He sees the 2 hunters and asks if they had seen his goat hendo. “Yes!, they say, “She ran right passed is at like 70miles an hour and jumped right inside this hole”

“That’s impossible, the famer says, “I had her chained to an anvil!”

I tried donating blood today. Never ever again! Too many stupid questions, like whose blood is this? Where did you it from? Why is it in a bucket... Like WTF? should it be a nylon?😩

My girlfriend dressed up as a police-woman and told me I was under arrest on suspicion of being very good in bed

After 6 secs all charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence

I asked my mom why computers are so so smart… MOM – because they listen to their motherboards!

Joke of the day | Jokes of the day | Funny joke of the day | Best Jokes | Funny best jokes

Could you imagine if America switched from pounds to kilograms overnight? — There would be mass confusion!

This morning at about 8:11, I was in a long line at a grocery store that opens at 8:30 for only senior citizens.

A young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the long line, but an old man hit & beat him back into the parking lot with his walking stick

The young man returned and tried to cut in again but an old lady punched him in the gut, push him, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away

As he approached the line for the third time he said, “Look!, If you don’t let me unlock the f*ucking damn door you’re never going to get in there!”

I sneezed in a supermarket, everyone left their goods, screamed “Corona!” And ran away, today I sneezed in church… Even the pastor jumped through the window… Today I’m going to sneez in the bank ☺️

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TEACHER – *How far have you gone with your homework henry?”

STUDENT – “About 8 kilometers miss. I went home with it and came back with it this morning.”


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