How To Apply For A Canadian Study Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For A Canadian Study Visa From Nigeria – Are you thinking of studying abroad?

Are you thinking of the best country to study in?

Well, you shouldn’t look too far as Canada is one of the best countries to study in and it is ranked number three in the best countries to study in. Studying in Canada offers you a lot of opportunities as it is a start to shaping your career.

Having a Canadian qualification as a Nigerian will certainly open doors for you anywhere you go to whether in or outside Canada and this is because Canadian is the home of some of the top and prestigious institutions in the world and so graduating from any of these institution will mean that you are qualified, competent and equipped with vast knowledge.

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Even in Canada, you will have the opportunity to secure a job if you complete your study program in Canada and you can also move towards becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

It is no surprise that Nigerians are choosing Canada as their top choice to study as the country has a strong love for international students regardless of the country you hail from and so if you have not thought about Canada as your destination to study, you should have a rethink.

The country always welcome Nigerians that want to study in any of the institutions there and because of this, it has launched a pilot program called the Nigerian Student Express Pilot (NSE).

This program is an excellent way for Nigerians that have been accepted into a Designated Learning institution in Canada to get a study permit. Through this program, Nigerian applicants can get their study permits in a processing time as short as 20 calendar days. Sweet right!!

So without further ado, let’s dive into what we have for you:

How To Apply For A Canadian Study Visa From Nigeria

We are going to show you the steps that you will follow to apply for a Canadian study permit and this is what allows you to study in Canada even after you must have been accepted by an institution in Canada.

Let’s proceed…

  • Get Accepted by a  Canadian Institution

The first step is to enroll in a Canadian institution and get accepted. It is very important that you apply early so you won’t have to wait for long; at least apply a year in advance.

You will have to go through the list of all the requirements that the school has listed and see if you meet them. These requirements are part of what qualifies you to be accepted by the institution. Some of the requirements are:

  • Payment of applying and tuition fees
  • Proof that you can meet the cost of living requirements like rent, transportation etc.
  • Proof of language proficiency meaning that you will have to take one of the Canadian language benchmark tests depending on your field and level of study. Canada has two official languages which are French and English
  • Proof of health insurance for the length of your study program. This is because you are not a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident and so you will not have access to the free public healthcare services in Canada.

The institution will send you an acceptance letter telling you that you have met all the requirements and so you have been accepted to come study in the institution but this must be after you have completed your applications and submitted them to the institution.

This acceptance or admission letter is required when you want to apply for your study permit.

  • Getting Your Canadian Study Permit

Like we said earlier that a study permit allows you to study in Canada and we mentioned that there is a pilot program for Nigerians that want to apply to study in Canada and that is the Nigerian Student Express (NSE) pilot.

The pilot is reserved for Nigerian students that have been accepted to study at an institution in Canada and this is for Bachelor’s or Master’s program but if you want to study another program such as a diploma, then you will have to have to wait for about 8 weeks to process your application for study permit unlike the normal 20 days for the pilot program.

Let’s look at some of the requirements for the NSE pilot:

  • You must be a legal resident of Nigeria
  • You must prove that you have paid your first year’s tuition fee
  • You must have an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution
  • You must have a medical report for a medical exam
  • You must score a minimum of six on the Canadian Language Benchmark Test
  • You must purchase and provide proof of a guaranteed investment certificate showing a minimum of $10,000 from a Canadian bank which cannot be accessed until you arrive Canada.
  • You must provide your most recent secondary or post-secondary transcripts
  • You must be living outside Canada when you apply.

One sweet thing about studying in Canada aside the benefits we highlighted in our introduction, you have the opportunity to work while studying in Canada and this will help you gain Canadian work experience that will help you process a Canadian permanent residency after completing your study program in Nigeria.

Final Note

As you now know that Canada is one of the best countries to study in especially as a Nigerian applicant and you have also seen that Canada love Nigerians that come to Canada to study.

It even created a pilot program to help Nigerian applicants have an easier and faster application for study permit to allow them study in Canada depending on the program you are going for.

It is important that you start your application for study permit as early as possible so you wouldn’t have to wait for long to get the study permit and move to Canada to study.

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