How Much Does it Cost to Study in Canada?

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Canada? – Studying in Canada is going to be a great decision as it is one of the best countries to study in globally and this is because it is home for some of the best universities in the world like the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia etc.

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Studying in Canada is a very good investment for your future as you are going to be a step closer to starting your career in the Great White North.

In recent years, it has seen an influx of international students and this is because it has a wonderful environment that is conducive for learning, the tuition fees for some of the universities are affordable and lesser compared to other top universities in some countries.

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The Canadian Bureau for International Education has reported that there are more 640,000 international students in Canada and about 54,000 international students have stayed back in Canada after completing their program. This is because a lot of them enjoy life in Canada and the opportunities this great country offers them as studying in Canada made it easier for them to find job in Canada after graduation.

Let’s dive into what we have for you in this article.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Canada?

This question is a frequent question a lot of people that want to study in Canada do ask and it is very important that you know the cost of studying in Canada as it will help you prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

When we say the cost of studying in Canada, we are looking beyond the tuition fees as we will also be looking at some other cost like study permit fees, average cost of living and also university application fees. All these entail the cost of studying in Canada.

Let’s look at them one after the other:

  • Tuition fees

Like we mentioned earlier, the tuition fees for some universities in Canada are affordable and even the ones that seem expensive are still affordable when compared to other universities.

Although, the annual tuition fees varies depending the university, program or province of the university but be rest assured that you will enjoy studying in Canada.

According to report from Statistics Canada, you should expect to pay about $29,700 on average for undergraduates programs and $17,700 on an average for postgraduate program and all these are annually. Also, you should expect to pay around $27,399 on average for MBA programs.

Let’s look at a more detailed list of the tuition fees you are to pay for undergraduate and MBA based on the field of study or career you choose.

Average Undergraduate Tuition Fees
Field Of StudyCost in CAD
Dentistry20,500 to 21,717
Medicine12,785 to 14,162
Law10,475 to 12,388
Optometry10,467 to 11,236
Pharmacy8,004 to 10,687
Engineering7,309 to 8,000
Veterinary medicine6,847 to 7,878
Mathematics, computer and information sciences4,986 to 6,851
Business, management and public administration5,894 to 6,827
Architecture5,896 to 6,473
Physical and life sciences and technologies5,836 to 6,056
Other health, parks, recreation and fitness4,004 to 5,867
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies4,905 to 5,770
Personal, protective and transportation services4,208 to 5,708
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation4,102 to 5,601
Nursing4.003 to 5,596
Social and behavioural sciences, and legal studies4,023 to 5,544
Humanities4,203 to 5,542
Education4,034 to 4,624
Average MBA Tuition Fees
Field Of StudyCost in CAD
Executive master of business administration (MBA)54,585 to 56,328
Regular MBA25,578 to 27,397
Business, management and public administration12,040 to 13,252
Dentistry11,364 to 12,892
Other health, parks, recreation and fitness7,203 to 8,270
Mathematics, computer and information sciences6,489 to 7,990
Engineering5,009 to 6,994
Physical and life sciences and technologies5,000 to 6,717
Nursing4,903 to 6,392
Education4,895 to 6,309
Architecture4,345 to 6,228
Law4,934 to 5,910
Social and behavioural sciences, and legal studies4,500 to 5,794
Personal, protective and transportation services4,304 to 5,542
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation4,434 to 5,516
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies4,320 to 5,178
Pharmacy3,945 to 4,651
Humanities3,685 to 4,618
Veterinary medicine3,200 to 4,508
Optometry3,000 to 4,138

If you are an international student, you will have to consider the cost of living in Canada and this entails accommodation, food and some other expenses and the cost of living in Canada varies from province to province and also city to city.

So it is important you know the average cost of living in Canada so you will know how to budget and also how to live in Canada as a student.

The list we will be looking at is a report from Neuvoo on the average cost of living in Canada.

Average Cost of Living for Students
Annual ExpensesCost in CAD/Year
On-Campus Accommodation3,000 to 7,500
Private Shared Accommodation8,400 (excluding bills)
Health Insurance600 to  800
Basic Utilities per month158.77
1 min prepaid mobile tariff (local)0.36
Internet per month(60mbps or more, unlimited, Cable/ADSL)76.51
Eating Out at a Restaurant (1 person)17 to 35
Take-away meal (1 person)10 to 15
One-Way Ticket on Public Transportation3.25
Monthly Pass Public Transportation97
Loaf of Bread2.90
Bottle of water (1.5l)2.20
Bottle of wine (mid-range)15
Bottle of Beer (0.5l)3.05 to  3.70
Loaf of Bread2.90
Cinema Ticket14
Monthly Gym Fees (1 Adult)50.09

As an international student, you will have to pay admission fees in order to process your application to the university or college you enrolled in and this fee varies from university to university and college to college but the average you are expected to pay is around $100 to $500.

This fee is non-refundable and so whether you are accepted into the university or not, you will not be able to get a refund after you have submitted your application.

There are some universities that don’t charge admission fee and we are going to be listing these universities below so you can see the one you can pick as your choice of destination as an international student.

  • Royal Roads University
  • Quest University
  • Booth University
  • The University of Winnipeg
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Visa Or Study Permit Fees

The study permit is a document that allows you to study in Canada and it is different from the visa that allows you to enter into Canada but you should know that when you apply for a study permit, you will automatically get a temporary travel visa.

The Canadian study permit cost about $150 and as an international student, you can work even without a work permit provided you have your student permit. You can work for about 20 hours per week off-campus.

How To Apply For Canadian Study Permit

Since you have known the cost of studying in Canada and also how much it will cost you to get a study permit, then let’s show you how you can start your application for a study visa in Canada so you can get you study and make you dream of studying in Canada a reality.

Let’s look at the steps involved:

  • Assessing your eligibility

For you to start your application for study permit in Canada, you must be sure that you meet the requirements of studying and living in Canada and it doesn’t matter whether you have been accepted by the university or college as you will not get a visa or study permit if you are deemed inadmissible.

  • Receive your acceptance letter

If you have been accepted by the college or university you enrolled in, you will certainly get an acceptance letter from them and with this, you can proceed with your application for a study permit to study in Canada.

  • Submit documents and application

It’s time to start your application and also you will need all your supporting documents to be intact for you to have an easy and stress free application. After everything is set, you can then submit your application and make sure you meet the deadlines, ensure that you submit before the deadline so as not to be left out and don’t wait till the last minute to submit your application.

  • Receive your application status

After submitting your application, you will receive feedback if your application was successful or not and if you used the services of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCICs), they will receive the feedback and give you the feedback as they are the ones that did the application for you and if you use a trusted RCICs, you will have assurance as these agencies have above 50% success rate in application for study permit and even immigration applications too.

Final Note

Studying in Canada will be a wonderful choice and we will glad that we assisted in making your dream of studying in Canada a reality but you will have to read this article well so as to get all the information you will need about the cost of studying in Canada and also how you can apply for a study permit that will allow you study in Canada.

You should start your application for study permit as soon as possible as its processing time could take about 4-20 weeks and so you wouldn’t want to start applying late as the best time to apply is now.

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