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Guess What Jokes

Best Funny Guess What Jokes Online 2021, Guess What Jokes For Your Boyfriend & Guess What Jokes For Your Girlfriend

Here’s the best collection of the funniest, Funny Guess What Jokes 🤪 on the internet, are ya looking up to prank someone, your girlfriend? Or boyfriend🤔 Oh yeah this is just for you👇 Funnylord

The word guess what is like a slang we use on a daily basics, maybe while conversating or when trying to make a surprise, to your lover, fam or friends and as well, we all love making fun/jokes of words we use steadily, that’s why we’ve complied the best guess what jokes on the net! Just enough to make ya day 😀

Guess what jokes 👇

I’m a taxi driver, guess what? I just dropped off a random guy at my girlfriend’s apartment

Boss : Take this pen, sign here 🙂 Employee : (signs), Boss : Guess what? Employee : I have been sacked? Boss : Thanks, get out!

Guess what I have now? Your attention

Wow I found an investment platform online, I invested all my life savings… I’m so happy right now, but guess what?🙂 It was a SCAM!

I wanted to impress the new school girl with my bicycling skills, so i decided to ride with my eyes closed… Guess what? I can’t feel my bones right now🥺

Hey you! Guess what? You are scrolling down my guess what jokes 😂 Nevermind, just a dry line 😂

I borrowed him my life savings $100,000 to be repaid after 30days, Guess what? He died on the 29th day 😭

Oh! I insulted and threatened a policeman on Facebook, Guess what? I just found out the policeman is our new neighbor😭

I wanted to make her fall in love with me, so I visited the witch old lady to help me prepare some love charms… She asked me who I wanted to use the charms on, I told her… Guess what? It was her daughter 😭

I just spent the $150 I stole from my dad’s wallet😋 Guess what? It was my school fees😭

Wow, Nicky Minaj just replied my text on Instagram😍 she also wants to come over to my place… Guess what? She just requested $5 transport fee😭

On my way home yesterday, I bumped into a well dressed man… He mistakenly stepped on me, I insulted him, stepped back on him and left immediately… Today, I was called to resume work where I submitted an application last week, Guess what? The manager was the Man I insulted yesterday, he was staring at me like this 👉🥴😁

Hey, Guess what? You just smiled at my Guess What Jokes 🤔

OMG! Guess what? A motivational speaker just told me that he bought his first car at Age 2 🤔

I just mistakenly broke an iPhone 12 in an apple store, Guess what? I’m currently posting from the police station 😭

Yesterday I lend $500 to my neighbor, this morning armed robbers broke into her apartment and took the money, Guess what? They weren’t armed😂 that was me

*During Exams* So after successfully cheating in the exam Hall, just about to submit my answers… Guess what? I looked up, their was a CCTV camera looking straight at me 😭

So after my girlfriend told me that I had a nice singing voice, I felt motivated to make a record a song, so I went to the studio… To cut the story short, the studio manager is currently begging me to leave 😭

Guess What Jokes For Your Girlfriend

Hey bae, I’m feeling something romantic right now Guess what? Breaking up with you

Bae something is really going on with my heart, Guess what? It can’t stop loving you

Baby something really bad happened now, Guess what? I tried to stop loving you, but I almost lost my breath 🥰

Funny Guess what jokes for your boyfriend

Boo I’m really tired of this relationship, I feel like moving on because you really hurt my feelings… But Guess what? I’m just joking 🤪

Honey😢, Guess what? I just tested positive to cor*na virus

The love I have for you is endless, but I’m sorry sweetheart… It has to go this way, Guess what? It’s just a prank!

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BOY – Baby I love you so much… did you know, I can d*ie for you?😍

GIRL – prove it ❤️

BOY – 😒🖕🏿


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