50% of Nigeria Girls Have Backup Partners — Rapper, Erigga, Nigerians React

Nigerian rapper turned relationship counselor, Erigga has sparked a huge debate on social media after making a subjective observation about Nigerian girls.

Erigga took to his Twitter page on Monday, September 6 to suggest that some Nigerian girls cannot be trusted when it comes to relationship. According to Erigga, half of the female population in Nigeria all have back up partners in mind.

His tweet comes weeks after Erigga advised that while waiting for the right person to come into your life, you have to find one person who will warm your bed first before the right person comes because life is hard to be alone for a long time.



See some comments his tweet generated below;

What if it’s their partners that have them as Backup? Another Angu 🤔


Lmaoooo y’all are really underestimating our generation girls

90% have backup!!


Same with the Men ( side chicks ).. I’ve never had one but it’s we all have to be Cautious these days The amount of breakfasts 🤣, Being with a partner of 2,3,7 years and they just serve you one Healthy breakfast , Where do you start from . I do wish we can do better so having a backup partner doesn’t seem like an ideal way to avoid the mental breakdown that comes with an heartbreak .

renne dion

Me I like be back up partner oo ! Cos back up partner nor Dey spend much na the real front liner Dey spend the block 😂😂


110% of our men have triple backup plan, how about that?


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